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BCI Syracuse Division's passion for personal service differentiates them from other corrugated packaging companies. This passion enables BCI Syracuse to quickly respond to the changing needs and schedules of customers, and that flexibility is the key to Syracuse Division's success - and ultimately to yours.


BCI Syracuse Division began its operations in 1979 as Empire State Container - a wholesale packaging supplier with the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction with top-of-the-line products. Over 30 years later, BCI Syracuse skilled and professional team members meet that goal every day in every way possible.

The fire that drives BCI Syracuse comes from the talented staff that has seen the changes in the packaging industry over the last three decades. Syracuse Division continues to innovate in order to accommodate any packaging need. BCI Syracuse's seasoned sales team has experience ranging from 10 years to 40 years in the corrugated packaging industry. This spectrum gives Syracuse Division the advantage of having a knowledgeable variety of viewpoints and perspectives.

The dedicated team at BCI Syracuse will complete any customer order, regardless of size or technicality. No request is too difficult, small, outrageous or unheard of - they do it all.

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Environmental Impact

BCI Syracuse considers helping the environment a meaningful social issue. The manufacturing of corrugated packaging provides a key opportunity to aid in environmental efforts since corrugated boxes make up the vast majority of materials recycled each year.

Syracuse Division recycles all paper waste from the converting process to minimize our effect on our environment. In 2015 alone, over 1200 tons of corrugated was recycled - translating into over 60 truckloads of waste sent to recycling mills.

Additionally, BCI Syracuse also employs a water purification system to process all discarded printing ink, which is also water based. All solids are removed throughout this method rendering the water contaminant free. This in turn allows the water to enter into our county's sanitary sewage system as a harmless effluent.


Jason Crouch, General Manager
Picture left to right
Front (L to R) - Tricia Bauer, Controller and Tracy Brezee, Customer Service Manager
Back (L to R) - Tim Bird, Plant Manager, Jason Crouch, General Manager, and Brent Ames, Regional Sales Manager


Contact Information

BCI Syracuse Division
151 Midler Park Drive
Syracuse, NY 13206

(315) 437-1181
(315) 437-1351 (fax)

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